The economy is witnessing tremendous challenges today and there is plenty of uncertainty about the future. Over a million retirees return to work every year, after sustaining huge losses in their retirement savings portfolios.

Rather than working at the local convenience store, wouldn’t you rather make MORE money and work at HOME? Should you be thinking about starting a business right now? Absolutely! If you’re like many people, you’ve dreamed of starting your own business but can’t afford the initial investment.

Well, that’s the beauty of Internet Business, you don’t need much money to get started.

Internet Business is not just for large corporations, or for small business that already have a storefront in the real world and just simply want to supplement their marketability with a web site.

The internet is the perfect place for individuals who want to start his/her own business and who likes to use computers and who believes that cyberspace is the place to do it.


>> In this Seminar, You will Get a FREE Mini Website of your own CREATED for you free & Start Making Money Online Instantly with it.

>> Over 300 Hot Digital Money Making Internet Products Readily created for You to start selling.

>> You will also learn A-Z of How to do various online Business of  your choice.


  • Understanding the Internet Technology as a Tool for  Serious Business.

  • How to Create your own Hot Products that sell within days + over 100 instant Product ideas.

  • How to establish an outstanding Online Business from scratch.

  • Step by step Internet Start up planning, ideas and Strategies .

  • Website, Software, Videos and other things you need to start your Internet Business will be Given to you FREE

  • How to be Your own Boss with ease with everything you needed to be Your own Boss online handed over to you almost free.

  • What you should be selling on the Internet and Products that are fast selling on the Internet

  • How to Sell your Product and Services on the Internet with ease. (Tips That works like magic)

  • How to market on, Hi5, Twitter and other social networking website and make money while socializing.

  • How to Design a Mini website of your own plus where to get free domain name for your Online Business free.

  • Over 100 internet Businesses you can do any where plus their manuals and video tutorials

  • Over 50 Marketing Strategies to attract visitors to your website for greater profits plus software for maketing online + How to market your E-Business strategically both online and offline

  • How to recieve your payment from any part of the world. (Paypal Clickbank with their tutorial

  • Affiliate Marketing, Google Adsense etc Plus how to create make money from it.

BONUSES worth N50,000 FREE


Super Bonus #1

Get Over 500 Ultimate

E-Books Collection worth N7,000 Free

When you attend this seminar, you are going to instantly receive over 500 great e-Books Collection on All Internet Businesses, Inspirational e-Book, Motivational, Educational, Health E-Books, Money Management, Finance, Romance, Religious, Philosophy, Spiritual e-books etc) with 100% free Resale Right

If you’ve always wanted your Own unique Product and Website this is your chance to stop wishing and start having!


Super Bonus #2

Over 5+ Special Video

Tutorials worth N8,000 FREE.

When you attend this digital amrketing seminar, you will be receiving over 5+ Special Video Tutorial with easy to follow instruction.

How to Design Website Video Tutorial

How to Trade Forex Video tutorial

Computer Learning Video Tutorial

-MS Word Tutorial

-MS Excel Tutorial

-MS Powerpoint Tutorial

-MS Access Tutorial

Business Success Video Tutorial

Super Bonus #3

Over 45+ Tutorials worth N5,000

When you attend BE YOUR OWN BOSS seminar you will also be receiving over 45 different step by step instructional tutorials!

These tutorials are designed so that even a beginner can follow along with ease.

Every step is explained in the fullest of detail as you are guided along your path to success!


Super Bonus #4

Over 20 Special E-Business Software worth N20,000

When you attend this seminar, you will be receiving over 20 Special Software for your Internet Business that are extremely easy to use

E.g Professional E-Cover Software, worth N15,000

PDF To Word & Word to PDF, Free Browsing Software, Modem Unlocker, Email Marketing, FREE Internet Call, NERO, Anti Virus etc,



The Fastest Way to Get Rich is to Be Your Own Boss (Easier Online)


Super Bonus #5

Your Own Mini Website Design

for You Absolutely FREE worth N15,000

When you attend the seminar, you will also be receive a Free Mini Website Design Absolutely FREE for you . Once you have your product created, following the instruction in the manual, contact me and I will design your website for you.

Super Bonus #6

Over 40+ Games FREE worth N4,000

When you get your hands on the incredible BE YOUR OWN BOSS 24/7 PACKAGE you will also be receiving over 45 different Entertainment Games.

These game are for your enjoyment and to relax ur body against stress. and to reduce your BP


Super Bonus #7

Get Over 1000 Graphics, Pictures & Logos

+ Website Templates Collection worth 14,000

When you get your hands on the Powerful BE YOUR OWN BOSS 24/7 PACKAGE you will also be receiving over 1000 Different Graphic Photo Collection + Website Templates Collection



Super Bonus #8

Get Over 50,000 Hot

Nigerians E-mail List & GSM Numbers

The secret of Internet marketing is here

When you attend this seminar you are getting 50,000 Hot Nigeria Email list and GSM numbers ready to market your products to Free! ( Call me if you need more mailing list )

Super Bonus #9

177 internet Products Ideas & Online Business fortune
(Special E-Book)


Super Bonus #10
101 Internet Business You can Do at Home.


Super Bonus #11


Free post  seminar Support & Coaching


Date: This Saturday


Suite 13B & 13A 2nd Floor,
Gidan Bamaiyi / Letco Building
M1 Ahmadu Bello Way By Taiwo Road,
Kaduna City Centre. 08063250945

Time: 9:30 to 5:oo pm